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Heavy haulage, out of gauge transport and abnormal load , special and heavy transport of oversized and project cargo , movement of all high, wide and heavy cargo, customs documentation, route surveys, secure storage, jacking and lifting services,transhipment service this is what we have put into help you with heavy transportation.

We also take on to propose the most suitable trucks and trailers ranging from a regular 1 tonner truck to Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) in moving your cargo depending on the cargo sizes and weight.

Proper planning and risk analysis such as height barriers, high tension areas, Camden, gradient and ground pressure , including proper angle of lashing and securing from rolling and tipping effect are among the few basic yet critical criteria Tera Projects & Shipping overseas and manages.

With our proven engineering calculations we are also able to pinpoint suspension points required during transportation  (of hydraulic multi axles) of goods of different sizes and also to understand the suitable truck required to perform the heavy transportation (for e.g. torque converter)


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