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Our focus on real solutions with years of experience freight logistics, supply chain and warehousing, the number of projects we have carried out, serving various industries and clients means you can rely on our extensive know-how

As more and more organizations think and act “global”, TERA continues to establish networks and logistics infrastructure across Asia and beyond to remain as a total logistics provider.

Our drive is to create all-in-one shipping solutions for our customers, complete with personalized attention and customer support while continuing to develop and introduce innovative solutions unique to the industry.

Think win-win, never say die enthusiasm and the vigor to execute at speed of thought, the final goal is to deliver your success, and this is how our team members operate.

Leading a business philosophy blended with the power of peer groups the management of Tera Group of Companies is peer trained by renowned Vistage International – the world’s leading peer advisory organization with a unique peer group of mix experts with varying professional backgrounds, allowing members to tap into innovative business perspectives and solve difficult challenges.

Always evolving and in tune with the growing tempo in marine, air and land freight our built up and well trained personnel includes a team of experts, resources who can think outside the traditional rules and find solutions. We handle jobs other companies consider too difficult.

With a 15 years history of successfully well executed projects Tera Projects & Shipping is incorporated in Malaysia and strategically located within the proximity of Northport and Westport as well as various maritime authorities, Inland Container Depots with strategic control centers and business affiliates.

Clients can count on Tera Shipping for reliable, professional, safe and compliant global forwarding.

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The Frontliners and People Behind The Scene

We are a team of enthusiastic go getters and long standing industry experts with experience in shipping the large and unusual. Understanding of the industry intelligence sets us ahead in the industry we are all so passionate about.

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