Rivers, canals, lakes and waterways play a major role in the transport of bulk cargoes. Barging is critical and a very specialized operation in transportation especially for oversized or overweight cargoes in overcoming boisterous conditions of low draft and uneven seabed.

Moving cargo from one remote point, port or jetty to another barging is vitally preferred due to high deck strength and it as an inexpensive method of transportation. Barging is also preferred as to break-bulk shipments when land transport would not be practical due to heavy or bulky cargo.

All loading methods are undertaken based on risk calculated measures using scenario-based situations including suitable sea-fastening design and calculation to withstand wind forces, rolling, pitching, heaving, yawing, swaying and surging effect.

As in critical situations like these or otherwise TERA always takes great caution and articulate planning before embarking on a barging operation, be it the conventional method of lifting or RO/RO operations using counterweight or ballastible barge for safer handling or even load out via skidding operation.

RO/RO is a challenging and precise devised feat which requires proper planning and risk analysis, considering tidal and non-tidal situation and beach landing temperaments Proper mooring arrangement and suitable ramps deployment for RORO operations are critical planning decisions in order to avoid disastrous outcomes.

Tera remains acute in taking mantle of such operations with utmost care and safety

Barging Operation